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HackerFleet-A-Thon: Hacking for Vietnam's Small Businesses

Hackathon for entrepreneurs.

Apply for tickets and view more details here:

Most startups are doomed to fail from the start.


Making the right decisions around team, product, and business is very hard.

To guide you down the path of building a successful startup, HackerFleet is teaming up with tech entrepreneur and venture builder Helen Bui to bring you HackerFleet-a-thon.

This two-day, collaborative hackathon will challenge teams of business folks, designers, and engineers to solve the problems of small businesses in Vietnam.

How it works

Apply individually as an engineer, designer, or business team member (you can request to be matched with friends that are also applying). 

The deadline to apply is September 1st. Finalists will be notified by September 6th.

During the first day of HackerFleet-a-thon, you will discover the problem you must solve and will be matched with team members.

You will hack, perform user testing, design, research, and iterate over two days.

At the end of the second day you will present in front of a panel of notable technology entrepreneurs.

Benefits of participating

Meet potential cofounders

Receive world class startup mentorship

Learn from great guest speakers in design, engineering, and business.

Solve problems that help the Vietnamese community

Do something with your weekend that could make a difference in your life. And in others' lives.

Free food is provided. Tickets cost VND 50k.

See if you have what it takes to be Vietnam's next great entrepreneur. Apply now!!

About Helen Bui:

Helen is currently the founder of Women in FinTech and advisor and mentor to startups in Vietnam and the US. 

She is an entrepreneur, venture builder, media & advertising veteran, coder, advisor, mentor, STEM advocate, women's empowerment and economic empowerment champion, and Vietnam economic growth advocate. Helen is now in Vietnam working with startups and companies to build great tech products and businesses.

Previously, Helen was the founder and CEO of Skylet, a personal finance education platform in the US for women in college. Skylet's customers included thousands of college students across 35 campuses. Prior to Skylet, Helen was the Head of Innovation at News Corp where she launched and developed new businesses and products.